California’s warm, temperate climate is great for being outdoors. It also means residents rely on their air conditioning year-round to stay comfortable inside. Our customers can depend on SHARONY SERVICES for AC repairs or help with installation or replacement. Whether it’s time for an inspection or tune-up, our expert professionals can be there for you. All our technicians are background checked and verified, affording you peace of mind when we visit your home. When you need an emergency repair or a routine inspection, we can come to your house quickly to restore your comfort. We’ll even match your requirements with the right Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating to ensure your home is effectively cooled and energy consumption is minimized.

AC systems are complex and multi functional, which is why you need a professional to install all the components. The basic components of the typical system include:
Duct work: Air ducts distribute air from the AC system to the various rooms in your home, which enters through vents.
Compressors: Process refrigerant into a high-pressure gaseous form; cooling this gas provides the cool air for home comfort.
Filters: An air filter removes dust and other contaminants in all the air that passes through your HVAC system.
Motors: The blower motor forces air through all the ducts and vents connected to your HVAC system and into your home.
Air Handlers: Indoor components that use a blower to evenly circulate cooled air throughout your home.
Evaporator Coils: Draw heat out of refrigerant that passes through the system, lowering coolant temperature and therefore that of the air.
Thermostats, although they may seem like separate components, are an integral part of your AC system. Newer versions include digital thermostats you can program to set a schedule for heating and cooling