Customers rely on SHARONY SERVICES all year long, including during chilly winter nights. Specializing in heating installation/replacement, repair, and maintenance, we provide reliable service homeowners throughout the region depend on. If you need a furnace, heat pump, water heater, or thermostat installed or serviced, you can count on SHARONY SERVICE to be there. SHARONY is TOP PRO Certified for Home Service, which is a qualification we take pride in. You can be assured a qualified professional will complete equipment installation, repair, or any system upgrades. Our technicians are dependable and efficient. Whether you need furnace maintenance or there is a sudden breakdown, we are ready to spring into action. We offer 24/7 emergency services. If your heater stops working, starts cycling more frequently, or is noisy, call us right away and we’ll troubleshoot and fix the problem.

SHARONY SERVICES installs and replaces gas, oil, and electric furnaces as well as air source, ductless, geothermal, and absorption heat pumps. Our technicians can install and service packaged heating units as well. Every unit is installed correctly to ensure it will operate reliably and efficiently without any safety issues. If you have an older system, we can visit your home for a free evaluation and replace an old heater with a properly sized and configured unit.

You never know when your heating system will develop a problem. Even a regularly maintained furnace can break down. Some issues include a cracked heat exchange, dirty filter, damaged or slipped blower belt, electric ignition or pilot control problems, or other mechanical issues. Call us if you notice a unit frequently cycling, the pilot light flickers or turns yellow, or you hear unusual noises, which can indicate a clogged blower or worn ball bearing. Our team can also determine whether an issue is arising from a faulty or improperly set thermostat. Any issue can be quickly troubleshooted and resolved by our experienced technicians.

Today’s heaters have many maintenance points. Finding problems with fan blades, flame sensors, igniters, capacitors, gaskets, and pressure switches lets us address them early and avoid more costly breakdowns. We can even inspect air ducts to check for obstructions, leaks, and other issues that can affect comfort and air quality. Schedule a regular tune-up to test your furnace and check for leaks, fuel pressure issues, or signs of wear and tear. Tuning up the system allows it to run reliably at peak efficiency. Also, by lubricating motor and other moving parts, we can avoid excess wear and premature damage caused by repeated friction.